Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Perfect Alternative Of Windows Desktop

Windows is most popular OS in world but there are many substitute of it. Today i show you how to replace Windows Desktop with Open Source Linux distributions,  here I provide complete list of software which make Linux as powerful as Windows and make your life easier. This replacement is based on Ubuntu.

See the list below of Open Source softwares that are available for Linux which are substitute of Windows software many of them are installed automatically when you install Ubuntu.These are must have applications for any Desktop to make it complete.


  • Office Word processor  = = Microsoft Word
  • Office Spreadsheet = = Microsoft Excel
  • Office Presentation = = Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Text editor 
  • Adobe Reader & Document viewer  to view pdf. 
  • Scribus Open source DTP application
  • Dictionary

  • Firefox browser
  • Chrome browser
  • Opera browser
  • Transmission BitTorrent Client
  • Pidgin Internet Messenger (Multi platform)
  • Evolution mail client = = Outlook
  • Thunderbird e-mail client
  • Ekiga Softphone
  • Skype
  • FileZilla FTP client
  • Google Earth
  • Remote Desktop viewer
  • Terminal server client
  • Many Download managers

  • GIMP Image editor = = Adobe Photoshop
  • F-Spot Image manager
  • Open Office Draw
  • XSane Image scanning
  • Google Picasa

  • Rhythmbox music player
  • VLC media player
  • Movie player
  • Sound recorder 
  • Hulu Desktop
  • Helix player = = Real player
  • Totem Media player

  • CD/DVD Creator
  • Brasero Disc burner
  • Nero
  • Virtualbox to run another OS under Linux Desktop.
  • Wine to run Windows file in Linux- supports many popular Windows games.
  • Open Office Database
  • XAMPP Server
  • Bluefish editor for many programming languages.
  • Educational games and softwares.
  • Bluetooth Analyzer
All softwares except Nero are Open Source therefore you don't need to purchase it and don't need to waste your hard earned money in softwares.Linux provides all this things without fear of any kind of  Virus or security vulnerability  so say Hi to Linux and Bye to Windows.

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