Saturday, November 14, 2009

Get Free CD Of Ubuntu9.10 & OpenSolaris10

Now a days user of one of the most popular Linux based operating system Ubuntu are increasing and Solaris of Sun Microsystems also in queue  therefore Ubuntu and Sun Microsystems decided to give free cd of thier operating system to increase the no of user.

First Ubuntu launch this offer to give free cd, they send this free cd to your doorstep without any cost its totally free you do not have to pay any kind of travelling fare.You can request Desktop Edition and Server edition.Following is the screenshot of Ubuntu desktop.

If you want to get this cd you you just register to their site and feel out the request form for your cd and you done now they will send you your cd and notified you via email , you can also download latest version of Ubuntu online.

You can reequest free cd of  Ubuntu9.10 by clicking here

Sun Microsystems also send free cd to you doorstep without any cost for that you just fill out an online form and after that login with you account and you finish now they send you free cd under they free Media Kit program totally free.Following is the screenshot of the Solaris10 Desktop.

You can request free cd of Sun Solaris10 bu clicking here

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