Saturday, October 17, 2009

OperaTor-Use Opera In USB Drive & Surf Anonymously

If you are using computers which are located in public place or in internet cafe at that position your identity will no longer secure now you have to protect your identity. OperaTor is an application which provides you three useful facilities which are -
  • Use Opera browser in any USB or portable drive
  • Surf Anonumously and safely on web
  • No need to install and it will not store your data in that computer which you are using through USB

This portable application includes Op
era browser, Polipo(the privoxy web proxy with advanced filter and Tor which will act as Onion router(a system for anonymous internet connection).

There is no need to install it therefore no data will store in registry and the size of this application is only 7 MB so you can carry it anywhere you want.

After download open the archive and extract it in the location of your choice.
Now launch the OperaTor.exe file to start necessary applications.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Some Usefull Social Comunication Firefox Add-ons

Firefox is most used browser because of its very useful add-ons which are available in many flavors but today i m writing about some useful add-ons for social media & communication which are as follows:

  • Google Wave Add-on:

                      This is a new experimental add-on(Experimental add-ons are newer add-ons which have not yet undergone our public review process.)which will notified you when you recieve a wave.

  • Yoono-Socialize your browser:
                       Yoono helps you simplify your social life by connecting you to Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Twitter, AIM, Friendfeed and lots more allin one place in a form of sidebar.Yoono includes a discovery widget which helps you to find useful websites, news and videos.It is also available for IE but now in beta stage.

  • URL shrink easy:
                        URL shrink is very simple and convenient tool for shortening a URL .you can shortened URL from both your URL bar or from context menu.

  • Personas 1.3:
                           Personas provides easiest way to change skin of your browser.There are 30,000 different skins available for your browser from different fields like movies, tv shows fashion brands and lots more.

  • Shooter:
                   Shooter used to take screen-shot of a webpage or a apecific region of web-page.It is quite user friendly and powerful tool.

  • FacePAD:
                       FacePAD mean Facebook Photo Album Downloader as the name implies it will allows you to download your friend's Facebook albums, Event albums and Group albums with a single click.

  • Amplify:
                    Using Amplify you can clip,share or discuss on articles or blog post with your friend or follower with a facebook or twitter account.You can easily clip multiple part of page like text, image or video.Your clipping will be added to your own cliplog on with, Google reader, Delicious and

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Useful Free Security Tools From Avira

As according to CNET Avira is the best in the available free anti-virus but they also provide some free security tools for protect your computer from virus,spy-ware,malware etc.Some tools also provide facility tp protect your data on your pc.Details of the tools and their features are as follows.

  • Avira Antivir removal tools
                 If you do not want to use Avira Antivirus directly you should try this tool.You do not have to install it in your computer just unpack it and use it, as it is not installed in your computer it will not affect performance of you another antivirus program.You can remove following type of viruses with tool version

  1. Worm/Sober.J
  2. Worm/Sober.P
  3. Worm/Sober.Y
  4. W32/Stanit.A
  5. Worm/NetSky.AA
  6. Worm/NetSky.B.1
  7. Worm/NetSky.C
  8. Worm/Netsky.D.Dam
  9. Worm/NetSky.P
  10. Worm/NetSky.X
  11. Worm/Mytob.IN.2 
for more use the free antivirus program..

  •  Anti Rootkit tool
                 Rootkits are legally used in some program this tool is used to remove the rootkit from your computer.

  • Boot sector repair tool
               Some harmful viruses are directly affect your bootsector of your computers under DOS but this tool is useful for remove this kind of viruses.

  • NTFS4DOS Personal
               This tool enables you to access NTFS drives DOS based operating system also provide data backup and make bootable disk of complete system.

Download Google Chrome OS Beta 0.4.220

Before some time google announced to launch its new Linux based free Chrome OS ut now this is time to experience the Chrome OS because they release a beta version of the os for download.The official Google Chrome OS wiil not available for netbooks until 2010.

Chrome OS was built using SUSE Studio-Open SUSE Linux distribution.Chrome contents some web applications like Google calender,Gmail, latest Chrome browser  with built-in Flash plug-in and other applications.You can also download its iso image.


Featured Software in Chrome OS
  1. GNOME Desktop 2.24 environment
  2. Google Chrome 4.0.220 web browser
  3. Openoffice 3.0 official suite
  4. GIMP 2.6 image editor
  5. Flash player 10.0 Plug-in
System Requirements
  1. Processor: Intel Pentium, Xeon or newer,AMD Athlon, Duron,Sempron, Opteron or newer
  2. RAM: 256 MB
  3. Harddisk: 1 GB
  4. Supports most modern graphic cards

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Free Photoshop For iPhone

All devices which have camera also have a good photo editing facilities in it but it is iphone's drawback because it don't have any kind of photo editing application.But now Adobe solve this problem for us, because they offering Photoshop for  iphone for free.

Once you start the application it will provide you two option to select photo from its online library or take new with your camera. It works in conjunction with account which is free for you and allows you to sync 2GB photos with site, iPhone users can access their entire online photo library from their phone.

Some basic features are:
  • cropping, rotating and flipping.
  • Alter color exposure.
  • Saturation tin,white,black.
  • Filters for sketching and soft focus.
  • Vignetting and glow

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fake Invitation Of Google Wave

Google Wave start sending invites since last few days but after that many fake blogs and blogspot are created to start send invites which are totally scam even Google Wave invite was om sale on eBay before google stars sending invites.

Many blogs named like Googleinvites or Goofle wve innitations are created for the same purpose.They displays only Ads on their blog, they also ask for your credit card or your email address.

You should know Google Wave invitations are totally free not only a single dime should be pay for it.You can report these blogs as spam blog and also report about it.You should spread this words on twitter, facebook or on your personal blog so no other users lost their money.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Working With Screensaver

For most people a screensaver pops up whenever you leave your computer unattended  It may simply be a blank screen or any picture or animation.But exactly it is executable file, with the extension changed from .exe to .scr so a screensaver is a program which can  be execute by itself.

Screensavers were originally designed to protect  monitors from phosphor burn-in. Early CRT monitors, particularly monochrome ones, had problems with the same image being displayed for a long time. The phosphors, used to make the pixels in the display, would glow at a constant rate for such a long period of time that they would actually discolor the glass surface of the CRT. This discoloration would then be visible as a faint image overlaying whatever else was displayed on the monitor. Advances in display technology and the advent of energy-saver monitors have virtually eliminated the need for screensavers. 

By putting a screensaver file into the Windows or System directory and giving it a .scr extension, Windows knows that it should treat this file as a screensaver and makes it available as an option in the Display properties window.The screensavers that have a custom interface, and do not use the Display properties window at all, are less common. Usually, these screensavers do not have the .scr extension. They require that you install them using a setup program in order to configure them properly.

Programs like Screen Saver Builder allow you to combine images, animations and sounds to create your own screensaver If you are a programmer, there are numerous online resources that supply you with technical information, and even source code, so that you can write your screensavers.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

SpeedyFox make the fox fast

We all know that Mozilla Firefox is best and one of the featured rich browser and fastest browser but after some time space the process of start up of the Firefox become very time consuming and overall time wasting. It occurs because of the fragmentation of the database.

But SpeedyFox small utility corrects this problem with one touch. It will optimize your browser and the database and the results you get will amazing it make your browser startup 3 times faster and also history browsing and deal with cookies become much faster.

SpeedyFox is 100% safe and reliable for use it is tested in many systems.