Saturday, October 17, 2009

OperaTor-Use Opera In USB Drive & Surf Anonymously

If you are using computers which are located in public place or in internet cafe at that position your identity will no longer secure now you have to protect your identity. OperaTor is an application which provides you three useful facilities which are -
  • Use Opera browser in any USB or portable drive
  • Surf Anonumously and safely on web
  • No need to install and it will not store your data in that computer which you are using through USB

This portable application includes Op
era browser, Polipo(the privoxy web proxy with advanced filter and Tor which will act as Onion router(a system for anonymous internet connection).

There is no need to install it therefore no data will store in registry and the size of this application is only 7 MB so you can carry it anywhere you want.

After download open the archive and extract it in the location of your choice.
Now launch the OperaTor.exe file to start necessary applications.

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