Friday, October 16, 2009

Some Usefull Social Comunication Firefox Add-ons

Firefox is most used browser because of its very useful add-ons which are available in many flavors but today i m writing about some useful add-ons for social media & communication which are as follows:

  • Google Wave Add-on:

                      This is a new experimental add-on(Experimental add-ons are newer add-ons which have not yet undergone our public review process.)which will notified you when you recieve a wave.

  • Yoono-Socialize your browser:
                       Yoono helps you simplify your social life by connecting you to Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Twitter, AIM, Friendfeed and lots more allin one place in a form of sidebar.Yoono includes a discovery widget which helps you to find useful websites, news and videos.It is also available for IE but now in beta stage.

  • URL shrink easy:
                        URL shrink is very simple and convenient tool for shortening a URL .you can shortened URL from both your URL bar or from context menu.

  • Personas 1.3:
                           Personas provides easiest way to change skin of your browser.There are 30,000 different skins available for your browser from different fields like movies, tv shows fashion brands and lots more.

  • Shooter:
                   Shooter used to take screen-shot of a webpage or a apecific region of web-page.It is quite user friendly and powerful tool.

  • FacePAD:
                       FacePAD mean Facebook Photo Album Downloader as the name implies it will allows you to download your friend's Facebook albums, Event albums and Group albums with a single click.

  • Amplify:
                    Using Amplify you can clip,share or discuss on articles or blog post with your friend or follower with a facebook or twitter account.You can easily clip multiple part of page like text, image or video.Your clipping will be added to your own cliplog on with, Google reader, Delicious and

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