Friday, November 20, 2009

Techtools2 Got New Orkut Invitation

Finally we got the new Orkut invitation after some scale of time as described in my post how to get new Orkut design i join the community and they send  me the new Orkut invitation.

Its easy to get new orkut invitation as compared to Google Wave, I got my invitation for last 9-10 days but i forgot to write about it.Google always launch their new products with limited invitations therefore people be crazy for it and their product get maximum publicity.

Anyway,we have to believe that this new orkut is much better than the older one because it much faster and has some new features like comments and many more that you can test by using it, but i think it can not be decrease the superiority of  Facebook and Twitter.

I have 5 invitations that come with new design but cant't decide what to do with it!!!

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