Thursday, November 12, 2009

A to Z About Flock - The Social Web Browser For Social Communication

We love to use different sites for social bookmarking and sharing things with friends and if we want to make it whole at one place we use different applications or plugins for social communication, but this all are not easy to use and time consumptive things therefore here is a solution for it called Flock.

Flock is a social web browser which is powered by Mozilla and made for better browsing facilities and social networking. flock is my favorite and i strongly believe that it can be yours also just try it. some useful features of flock are...

  • Flock is totally open source software and compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Flock automatically connects you with over 20 of your favorite online services like,

  • Flock has one special  social toolbar by using it you can access its different facilities

  • By clicking on the face icon on toolbar you get people sidebar by sing it you can login to your favorite social bookmarking site and the best feature of it you can directly share image or anything to your friend by simple drag and drop.
  • Media bar helps you to find photo and video from your favorite site directly. Using video bar you can find photo or video in several site with just one click.
  • Photo uploader makes photo uploading as easy as 123 now forget the irritating process of photo uploading. You just login to your favorite photo sharing service using flock toolbar and drag and drop the photo to upload  icon and it will upload to your account.

  • Easy blogging compose blog posts while you are online or offline with Flock's blog editor then publish to your favorite blogging platform when your post is ready. you just login to your blog site and open the blog editor using toolbar and write your post and save, edit or modify. 

  • Web mail feature notified you when you have new mail waiting for you in your favorite webmail account
  • Web clipboard by using this tool you can directly drag & drop links,text and images to clipboard and save them for use later.

  • Custom Themes & Extension make Flock your own with custom themes and extensions. And you shoud also use Firefox extensions in it which makes Flock unbeatable.

Since it has lots of more features it is one of my favorite browser.If you like my work or any kind of suggestion or query please comment on this i am nothing without your support.


  1. best browser i ever used and nice post good work

  2. surely unbeatable browser thanks for your information