Saturday, September 19, 2009

Access Microsoft Office online

Whether you are traveling or don't have your personal computer along with you and if you want to make any presentation or document don't have paid access for Ms Office but I have a great idea for this problem.With a Google account you can now access all components of Microsoft office anywhere you have internet access.Just follow the steps

  • Sign up for a google email address at

  • After you are logged on to your gmail account, click the "document" link on the navigation links at the top of the page

  • Once you arrive at Google's Docs, click the "New" link, and it will bring down options of creating a document, presentation, spreadsheet, form or template.

  • If you chose to create a new document, which is the equivalent of Microsoft word, you can write without worry about losing your work as Google system saves your work whenever there are changes made. In addition, you have easy access to all your work in a well organized station that can be accessed anywhere.

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