Friday, September 25, 2009

Picasa 3.5 With Name Tags

Google releases  its new version of its photo editing software called Picasa. Picasa is mind blowing software for photo editing and also for view photo in your computer as image viewer. While you are watching pics through picasa its give you the experience of live showing. This new version of  Picasa is one step ahead from the older one it gives you the ability to add name tags to your photos, using the same facial recognition technology.

It will help you in such a way Picasa identifies similar faces and puts these into an "Unnamed People" album. From there, you can easily add a name tag by clicking "Add a name" and typing the person's name. After you've added name tags to some photos, you can use your tags to do creative things, like quickly find all the photos with the same two people in them, make a face collage with just one click or upload and share people albums with friends.

In addition to name tags, Picasa 3.5 has integrated Google Maps, so you can easily geotag your photos or view the locations of already-tagged photos on a map. And using our totally redesigned import process, you can now import photos from your camera and upload the photos to Picasa Web Albums in one easy step.

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