Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Useful information in e-mail headers like IP of sender

Every e-mail message sent starts from header(lines of text which has info. about mail message). Headers have useful information about the sender of the mail. We can not see the content of the header directly. The method of
show the header of e-mail message are different in different e-mail application,which i will mention in my next post. Following informations we can get from the e-mail header.

Some points that give us information are as under:

From - Who the message is from
Reply To or Return path - Address that your e-mail application automatically uses for reply
Message-ID - Unique ID of message but not useful
X-originating IP -IP of a sender
X-Sender - Adds a layer of authentication to the message by identifying the sender
X-Mailer - The application used to compose the message
Mime-Version - The version of MIME(Multipurpose Internet mail Extensions)used which is used for attachments and or HTML formatted messages.
X-UIDL - A unique identifier added by some POP e-mail applications

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