Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Google's Fresh Chrome 3.0

After several debugging & filtering Google launched Chrome 3.0as the browser's engineering director set ambitious goals to double its market share within 12 months.Chrome 3.0, which is available only for Windows, moved from beta meaning that the browser is suitable for use by all.According to Google, Chrome 3.0 is 25% faster in rendering JavaScript than Chrome 2, which debuted in May, and 150% faster than the original Chrome.Other new improvements are cleaner New Tabs page that resembles those found in Apple's Safari and Opera Software's Opera, and additional support for HTML 5, particularly the video tag.Google also patched a securuty vulnerabilitiese before shoving Chrome out the door. Google ranked one of the flaws as a "medium" threat, the other as "high," and said both could be used by hackers to attack unwary visitors to malicious or already-compromised Web sites using rigged JavaScript or a formed SVG image file.

Google's plans to port Chrome to the Mac OS and Linux, efforts that are ongoing. Mac and Linux versions are under development but neither has been released in a stable edition. The latest Mac version, designated, for instance, has remained in Google's "dev" channel since June, indicating its not even ready for official beta testing.


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