Sunday, September 13, 2009

Download youtube video in 10 formats also in Mp3

Youtube is a largest global library for videos on the web. Most internet users want to download the video which they like but they cant because its a major drawback of youtube that user cant doawnload video they can only watch it. There are too many site on the web that provide downloads of youtube videos and from other sites like Metacafe but there is a problem with these sites too, they provide download in any unknown format or less known format. They also have strategy to download video in lesser known format and they sell players which can play that video. But I found the best site for
download youtube videos in 10 different formats and also convert it and download in Mp3 which can be helpful when we only want to download audio. The site named will helps you to download Videos from youtube directly to your computer in any formats. They provide many formats you can see it following picture.You can download videos to all these formats specified here.

You can also download it irectly to your phone or iPod because it provide 3gp & mp4..If you have this tool with you, you don't even need to buy a Video converter.If you want to covert any of your videos, then also you can depend on this tool.Just upload the videos you want to convert, in any format and then download it again with this tool. Here Iwant to mention some sites also they provide direct youtube download which are as follow.

  2. heywatch
  3. zamzar
  4. keepvid
  5. mediaconverter
  6. youtubex
  7. viddownloader
  8. kcoolonline

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