Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Microsoft want to release free antivirus soon

Microsoft plans to release the final version of its free antivirus software soon, according to a note sent to testers late Sunday.

Microsoft first announced its plan for product, then code-named Morro, last November, at the same time the company said it was scrapping its paid Windows Live OneCare product. 
Public beta testing of Security Essentials started in June, with Microsoft reaching its goalof 75,000 testers just one day after it issued a call for them.
On a personal note, I've been using the product on several machines since June, and I like the way--unlike other antivirus programs--it doesn't make a spectacle of itself, just quietly doing its thing. I often forget it is running on a machine, yet it did save my bacon a couple weeks back when I almost caught koobface from a friend on Facebook.
Source: Cnet news

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