Friday, September 4, 2009

Fastest Opera 10 relaeased

Opera has finally released the final version of its web browser, the Opera 10.

To begin with, download the browser from The installation file is 6.55 MB in size. The browser installs quickly and with a few clicks. The browser takes about 7.52 MB of space on the hard drive, which is lesser compared to the previous one (v9.6) that took 9.51 MB. Opera 10 can also be installed separately on the PC while maintaining the previous version instead of updating and replacing it.

The speed dial buttons have a new look now. But more importantly there is now a new "Configure Speed Dial" option that lets you do some pretty cool things. For starters, you can customize the number of speed dial buttons you can have on the screen at a time, like 2 x 2, 3 x 3, 4 x 4 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 4 and 5 x 5. You can also have a nice background image for the speed dial page, which would show behind the buttons. In fact, you can just right click on any image on a web page and set it as a background image for the speed dial page.You can now even increase the size of the tab bar. Increasing the size has an advantage; you can now see a thumbnail of the web page on the thumbnail.

These were the external features, but there are many internal features as well that you'll realise only when you use the browser. For example there is now an internal spell check, which means you no longer have to download it separately as before. Opera has one of the best RSS viewers with a neat multi column view but in the latest version it also allows you to select the method to subscribe the feeds. The browser now also has auto-update for automatically update the browser to the latest version.

Performance wise Opera has always been known for its page loading speed. Although in recent times it has been overshadowed by browsers like Safari and Chrome, when it comes to page loading, Opera still remains fast by any standard. In fact in Opera 10 the speed boost is claimed to be about 40%, thanks to the new Presto 2.2 engine.

However, the best feature by far is Opera Turbo. Opera Turbo compresses the web page data on its servers and then sends the data to your browser. This is similar to the way Opera Mini works. The advantage of this is that you end up downloading lesser amount of data than usual and thus for people who are on a slower net connection the pages end up loading much faster. I used Opera 10 on a laptop that was connected to the Internet via a GPRS enabled phone and the time required to open the page were significantly faster when Turbo was enabled. However, it is advised to turn off Turbo when you are on a fast connection as it might actually be slower than just loading the page directly.

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